Employment Practices

business lawKron & Card LLP understands the importance of preventing a business’s involvement in employment litigation by assisting in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures which ensure compliance with state and federal labor and employment laws. In order for a business to be in compliance with labor and employment laws and limit its potential exposure to liability, it must remain informed of the legal implications of personnel decisions, recent court decisions, and statutory and regulatory requirements as they currently exist and as they may be amended. We provide legal counseling on important labor and employment issues, such as:

  • Effective and lawful hiring and termination processes
  • Drafting employee handbooks, personnel policies, manuals, and employment contracts
  • Overtime classification, wage payment practices and compliance with California and federal wage and hour laws
  • Protection of trade secrets in addition to avoidance of litigation resulting from the hiring of a competitor’s employee
  • Legal obligations to grant leaves of absence and otherwise accommodate disabilities
  • Employee privacy protections

Labor and Employment Litigation

Kron & Card LLP represents employers, as well as employees, in all aspects of labor and employment litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Employment Discrimination
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • Wage and Hour
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